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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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okay... meeting called to order. roll call commissioner kimberly brandon.
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>> here, adams here, leslie katz here. >> approval for items minutes for 2012 meeting can i have a motion to approve the minutes. >> second all in favor aye. item two public comment and executive session, is there any public comment? come on up. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm victor della cruz i'm here on behalf of the development company to express some dearns about the sea wall lot three will he notions that you are about in engage in. our client is very concerned that the port of san francisco is continuing to negotiate with the giant not with andlinging the departure of the quite iaye that constitutes the bulk of the propyling submitted by w w llc., almost all of the development compatibility in the s w l
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associate the rl l c team's proposal seams to be out of the picture snow. the report is that the existing proposal is a little she'll that reresembles nothing to the only proposals that is not only tremendously unfair to the other bidders who participants in this process but it's not competitivive bidding. cortiish's involvement not the giants the accordingly the commission does nottish an llc.,, -- to be clear nobody doubts that the giant are a great baseball team but everybody knows that the giant are not a development company capable of developing this new property with million dollars of new opposites and retail square footage. sever company retail companies spent hundreds of
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thousands of dollars putting to the a proposal that may only benefit the giants the giant may bring in another development company but that development company did not win the competition and would be offering a new product and the case law is clear on this and i'll give you an example you can't ask bidders to submit work for a computer processing program only to end up awarding the contract to the bidder that gives you pens and utensils because it's the partner that makes the word processing programs is nowhere to be found that is whose going on here. giant may have been part of a winning team but what she said, they are bringing to the table and what they are bringing now is insurmountable deviation the city law and administrative code requires a new competitive process to any new developer that is going to now primarily be reasonable for this project thank you very much for your time. >> thank you, is there 50
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other public comment? okay? executive session. motion to call to executive session,. >> second. >> all in favor aye, executive session conference of legal counsel regarding the anticipated legal matter and property negotiator. i would like to make a motion that we reconvene in open session. >> second? all in favor. >> aye. closed session the commission voted unanimously to as described in the agenda four a. >> and are we disclosing anything else? no. >> is there-second second all in favor aye. okay item six
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a please be advised that the ringing of any use of cell phones and pager and is similar producing devices are prohibited at this immediate meting and you will be ordered to be removed from the room for any use of the cell phones pager or any other similar electronic device, please be advise the that the public has three minutes to make comment on any genta item unless the port commission adopts any other item. >> the commissioner has adams has requested that we begin the succession with the pledge of allegiance so please stand and join us in the pledge of a leg, [pledge of allegiance] i pledge allegiance to the flag, of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and
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justice for all. . >> thank you. thank you.. >> sorry all right commissioners i believe the item has been called so good afternoon thank you for your time today and you good afternoon to awful you in the audience, you are one popular guy because i see a lot of great people here today if you all get up and leave after bob we are all going to have our feelings hurt so i know you all want to stay for the next couple hours at least for my executive report which i was smart enough to put bob last you all are in for a freight today. i have a lot to talk about and the first thing i'm to talk about is the taxi service you recall that at our meeting of september 11th and you remember the approved the port executing contract two vendors and title and marine group and san francisco water
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and taxi company and we have had a lot of passengers moving by water taxi and so i thought you will like to know that. and so remember the great weak of fleet week and world champ ship play offs et cetera we want on forever and they started scorch sun day october the seventh between three point of port location and is three other landing points treasure island, angel island and the san francisco yacht club on november 20th they submit their first monthly statement and it showed in their first three weeks ever service they had 91 landings in the site and an offing of four and-a-half passengers per landing per
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landing which, is terrific one zero one paniers moved here peer one and one 54 landed here between the marina and were transported to the high peer in fisherman whof and the our next company is going to have more people moving down and up the water front by vessel and other mode we often and so it's very exciting and happy to have that going. next, another great announcement for us, is the grand opening of peer half premi prom iniad which, is funded from a [spelling?] variety of source which, is the least of a number of geobonds and it entertained
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entailed a significant repair of the sea area between the blue and ghoul fleet at peer 43 and it's now an amazingly gorgeous prom iniad it's so beautiful that it's -- i have been noticing that we have work to do is to bring it up historic arrested is to bring it up to the same san diego and so next monday we will have a rib done ribbon cutting with mayorly and it will be traditional george day on the bay. next port zone number three we have had a foreign trade zone since 195848 ours was third in the country to be established was recognized as the december 2012 foreign trade zone of the month in part of the
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because of the ability to utilize our foreign trade zones for everything from tech to clean tech to biotech et cetera and the ability that you all have been helping us with to expand our trade zone and so we are now covering san francisco, san matt at a yo and county and contra costa county and so i would like to commend our staff to invigorating our trade zone is that has been around for a long license time so much so that we got you aian award for it. next, i'll like to mention that we have received our second award on our brand new cruise ship term flail that has not been constructed or yet and it's a shot in the arm really i wish they would have given us that and we have been awarded by
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crews critic which, is an interactive community belong for people who are travelers in the crudes industry and they have picked san francisco as their 2012 united states port on the basis of it being one of the most beautiful city's in the america to sail into and we can all say well do and strainings has been a long contenter for the united states ports but the state-of-the-art crews terminal with site seeings and easy to access air service pus put it over the top and so we are gratified by that award and our thanks to san francisco travel to make sure that we are always mentioned whenever they have folks coming in into town and i got to go in the other day & it's going to be stunning it's a great site and so we are really really gratified about that.
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but theu.s. n s is at dry dock since peer seven b and she'll be there until the senth of january and she is in dry dock for regular over hall and dry docking and she is a cargo and ammuntion ship opened by the united states navy and she is our second ship to come in since we have established our shore porn system at peer 70 and the whole reason that she has been able to come here to strainings is it's ability to hook up to the shore power system which, is a critical factor for the navy and so this contract is between 13 and $15 million depending on how much work the neath please wantses to do and it will generate 70 man hours in the 53 days that it's here and so it's very exciting news for us. the usns richard bird and matthew
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pairy which was tices the previous ship that came in equals $150,000 and 150 man hours and so what a great investment and thanks to all of the port team and various regulating agencies that helped us to do had a and of course, our thanks to the va that is terrific news. in january, our good friend charles fan owner of slanted door is going to open a new restaurant restaurant at peer three going to be called hard water and after the hard water making whiskey and so hard water is going to be new orleans inspired and inspired in bourbon and whiskeys and the menu is going to be heavenly around whiskey's and sirred drinks seminal 1937 book famous new
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orleans drinks and how to mix them it's a 1300 square foot space and we are honored to have a second charles phan location on 23rd. so it's very good news as well. next, i gist wanted to point out that the desyl for the 2013 port commission meetings is attached to the agenda it looks like this, it follows all of our regular meeting dates pursuant to our by-laws with the exception of januariment january 8 meeting came up really fast on the holidays and so we have asked to push that back a little bit. this room and you commissioners are very busy and so our january meeting is january the 24th here in this room beginning at our regular time of two preponderance with a public session at 215 prime minister and all of our meetings for 2013
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are the second and noter tuesday of every month and so to restate again we are going to cancel again our january 82013 meetings and calling a special meeting for january 24th 20132 prime minister 315 public here in this room. okay that was all of the good news. not you have to go to the really not to sso happy move. the moving on of two really great friends who have been at the water front together doing really amazing thing and so i'm going tart with allen nevling who has been doing surveys at the port now for 19 i 19 narrow years and joined us from the department of public works and as you can imagine in the least 15 and-a-half years surveying has evolved from a manual process to a more complex computerized process but nonetheless, it's a very critical function here at the port of san francisco. it
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effects things like our drudging control, how we measure that, designings and leasing of our properties repair and construction plans, surveys for least boundary and is et cetera. and alan has worked on an amazing number of projects which will live on in perpetuity. and so it's not that easy to be a port surveyor a lot of the project are actually under the piers and require a boat and bounce along regardless of the tied and get precise measurements regardless of the types of installations and it can be apparently very a scary and alan no has not made it into the the port staff that has fallen into the basen and so you they for not joining it it's an very exclusive club. and so easy an amazing person there is
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no task that is too difficult for his analytical mind he is a good friend to all of his colleague and is many year ago i asked him a question and i asked him what is the distance between peer 48 and -- park and his answered amused my that i kept it and so i'm going to keep it. it's two want 6 miles of quo miles and 3.0 miles from the street front to street front and 0-point miles of northeast corner of peer 48 to the tip of head beak and so that is nothing if not pre-site and humorous and really fun and something that we will never forgot. you should be a math teacher because you know how to make matt fun allean alan and so that you for your amazing friendship, stuartship and power and it's hard to think that you are not going to be with us anymore and you have
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been out on vacations and rumor has it that you may be going to a state that is not surrounded by any sides by water and that is hard to imagine and so hopefully that means that you will be back with us very often and so full all join me in a round of applause for alan. (applause). . we have a wonderful plack for alan but before we present it if anyone would like to come up and say anything about alan today, please feel free. >> well, alan, 18 and-a-half years, it's hard to imagine it's been 18 and-a-half years since you and i talked about this position and you decide today come over from d p w and you have great to work with and energic and accepting of the work assignments and getting it done. it's been wonderful
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working you. and i want to add in the thank you's, so thank you for all of the goodwill you have generate from the other groups, you are not just working with engine hering here in your assignment and is but with all of the other division and is i hear so many other good things coming to me about your work with planning and real estate and all of these other division and is getting thing done and accomplished port wide and shoe for for everything and i wish you the best in your retirement. (applause). . >> i'm in charge of the facilities and -- group alan had been in my group for william like -- i joined the point in 2,002 so almost ten years and he is so pleasant to work with and he always had a solution to the difficult problems. anytime i used to go to him, alan can you do this? it seems kind of a
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complicated problem to me, he said yeah, let me think about it and look at it and within a few hours, he would have a solution by hen and so allean is very talented and a great person to work with and he made such a valuable contribution to ports, graphics and mapping needs and it would be hard to replace him and i'll miss him and i witch you all the best in your retirement. (applause). susan director of real estate alan first of all,, best wishes to you and my condolences to ed for losing and you to ology of the rest of us who are going to have to survive without you and i don't know to our least exhibits are ever going to be the same and i want to thank you again and reiterate what the others have said i have
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never heard "no," from and you that is one thing that is really -- i'm thankful for, because it's so hard to get stuff done sometimes because there is so many moving parts but you always come through and we appreciate it and real estate is really going to miss you but good luck to you. thank you. (applause). . >> i'm alan's wife susan. and i'm not going to give a lot of direct comment and you know, i think that everyone has spoken very well of my husband, i'll say that he has often wandered what he will do in requirement retirement and about a month ago we learned about a site where you can do online tutoring and other things and i have been encouraging my husband that he can pass on the skill of serving by teaching
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others through this source and so we are investigating that and or any other way that he can do surveying and teach it it others. thank you. (applause). alan, i want to add you know the port is such a small organization and we have so many diverse activity that we under take, we really need renaissance people like i you are so capable with your surveying work your you are such a poll lite. i often wonder you have this smile on your face as you watch the rest of us run around the port and we are really lucky that you put up with our phonetic pace of all of us and we are lucky that you are going to find something to do with your skills and this
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teaching sounds like an excellent thing to do and i want to close with two observation and is i recall that we had worked together on the specialty crushing project and in terms of putting together the boundaries of that and we had our tenants crush a pile of rock and store it on the back land and the back land is an unimproved back land and the it started to sync and you had figured outhow much it had sunk and it gave us all good relief. [laughter] and on a personal note. i want to thank you for making me feel like my desk is not so messy ... thank you alan. (applause). . >> is there anyone else that would like to speak on alan's behalf? i want to say, thank you
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all it's been a pleasure and on honor working here and i don't know what else to say i'm choked up but i have enjoyed ever bit of it. >> and before you leave alan, we have a plack for you and it reads alan nevling thank you for 18 plus years of outstanding service may 19, known to december 12, 2012 commissioner's port of san francisco you will definitely be missed. (applause).
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. >> good luckalan. please leave us your memory. our second is rap bert macintosh who's the ceo of peer 49 and a position he has held for a lifetime hmm bob. he joined peer 39 when it was six -years-old at that point in time and he saw the salt pier 39 through the earthquake which was a big deal, the eventually demise of the 'em bark dare row [spelling?] freeway and all of the great extraordinarily
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wonderful development the port has been doing in that period of time as well as a whole bunch of other impacts from positive and negative to tourism. bob has served as as ceo for about of 12 years dating back to 2,000, he is trying to retire at the end of this month he managed to get 2 feet out of door in august and have been consulting back to the pier ever since and he has been an icon of the water front. someone who has represented the interest of the water front all over the city bob has been a board member of san francisco travel the fisherman's whofer community benefit district the san francisco chamber and california travel association and under bob's guidance he has changed check out the
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restaurants and retaining the best of the best and has driven peer 39 into it's current world renown amazing number of visitors every year and it's reputation for being a family friendly location. i love a number of things about bob, but his own stated key to success tells you why he has been so successful at the water front and that is his belief that people like to be on or close to the bay and that they are drawn from the to the activity on the bay from the large cargo ships and to sail boats and kayaker and is the sea loin sanctuary that has come under his rain and the draw of fresh fresh that we take for freehand here on the water front. as i was no oned as port director bob sent out an
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e-mail to me right away and he said we are your biggest client and we are her here to serve and you bob has helped to mike this water front the success that it is and attracted all of the great new business that is have followed and it's hard to imagine a future without him but fortunatelily he only moved up the street and bob is going to be helping us and we are trying to hook him to be on the 150th anniversary committee of the port and so bob i see you have a tons of friend here in the audience that are going to say a ton you have wonderful thing about you but i want to say that we all admire what you have accomplishing accomplishmented and thank you for setting the bar very rehigh and please come back here and tell us how to do it all the time. thank you. (applause). . if there is anyone that would like too speak on behalf of bob
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please come forward. just a few. of the. commissioners taylor satisfied and friend of bob macintosh peer 39 a couple of comments some observations about bob that we all wanted to share for all of us lucky if you have to work with bob each of us received something special confidant. mentor figure father friend and for those of you who have not met bob yet make it a point do so because he is a genuine warm and caring person. he ept hepatthrough terrible disaster such as 9-11 and the economic meltdown he helped us process per keeping pier 39 a


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